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Dreaming of that day we had some alternative plans...

Like holding hands and staring up and counting little stars <3

26 September 1986
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Born in Montreal, Canada. Parents from Mauritius. Grandparents from China. Raised in Australia, mainly Perth, Western Australia.

Err, NFI what to put here now...I game, watch anime, read manga, like driving my car (Black 300ZX Twin turbo) and love hanging out with my ♥emily♥ as well as my other friends :)

I friends lock all of my posts nowadays, but my friending policy is pretty lax (if you friend me, its likely that i'll friend you back anyways).

Have started up a martial arts blog! http://ma-studentjourney.blogspot.com.au/ is where I'm at and I'll try to keep that one updated regularly! :)